Eat Poop You Cat

There comes a moment when you’ve just hung a feminine hygiene product dispenser on the wall of a gallery, titled it Eat Poop You Cat and called it art and you realize your life is significantly cooler than many people’s. Then you start wondering what you’re going to do to top that!

Eat Poop You Cat Superdeluxe Boxed Edition

Of course, we put a little more work into it than declaring a tampon/tampax vending machine art and hanging it in a gallery. We created all new product for it. In this case it was the Eat Poop You Cat Superdeluxe Boxed Edition on one side, and a scroll containing artwork from completed games on the other side.

Eat Poop You Cat is essentially the Surrealist party game Exquisite Corpse crossed with the Telephone Game. It’s a whole lot of fun, and you should make a pilgrimage to Augusta to buy a copy from our vending machine. Or you just grab paper and pencils and get the instructions online. But then you’d miss out because we really did an outstanding job putting this all together.

Sadly, we had many problems getting the cover for the machine to print. Here’s how it came out:

Eat Poop You Cat in the gallery

This is what it was supposed to look like:

The Original Eat Poop You Cat cover artwork

Still, I think the messed up cover matches the ridiculousness of the game pretty well, regardless!