The New Direction

We’re taking Callithump! in a new direction with the reboot. Originally we approached Callithump! as a magazine, with the contents of a machine constituting an issue. Each capsule contained an article, and each issue contained work by a variety of creators. We liked this approach because it reflected the chaotic variety typically found in a toy capsule vending machine.

Unfortunately, this format made it difficult to do something we feel is important to do: pay creators for their work. At 50 cents a capsule, we’re sometimes covering our materials costs. Figure in the time we put into this, and transportation costs and we’re doing this at a lost. That’s not the point, though. The point is, the 50 cents is a symbolic gesture. It says that creativity is worth paying for.

Before the new format, we were paying in contributor’s copies. Nobody ever complained, and it’s standard practice for publications. In these days of electronic publishing it’s more than many creators get for their published work. Just because it’s standard practice doesn’t mean it’s right, though, and we’d rather not be part of the problem. Now all profits go to the content creators!

The new format is more of a gallery than a magazine, with a single machine devoted to a single artist, group or concept. We think the new format showcases the creator and the work a whole lot better than before. Stop by the Gannett Building Gallery in Augusta before February 17th to see for yourself!