Vending Machine Art History

A Brief History of Art Vending Machines 

We’re working to build this history of vending machine art, to honor those who’ve come before and to inspire those who come next.

Currently, this is just a stub. In the future, we hope to expand this into the rich, multi-page extravaganza the subject deserves.

Art vending machines tend to operate for a short time in limited areas. So much so that most people encountering an art vending machine for the first time believe that it is the first of its kind and that its creator had come up with a completely original idea. Many of the people (Callithump! staff included, initially) who run art vending machines often believe they’re the first ones to think of it. The idea of using vending machines to sell art is nothing new. It’s been going on for decades.

Unfortunately, the history of art vending machines isn’t very well documented. If you’re currently involved in an art vending project, or have ever been involved, or know anyone who has, please contact me and I’ll add your information.

We want to make this as comprehensive a history as possible. If you’ve been involved with any of the projects on this page please share any additional information with us. We’d really love to expand on this and make it as.

Important Disclaimer: Callithump! is not affiliated with, or endorsed by any of these entities. Any links to, or graphics from, their various websites are probably without the knowledge or consent of the creators. We hope that you understand we’re doing this to celebrate and promote the work that you do. If you don’t feel this way, please contact us and we’ll rectify the situation immediately. Also, any information presented here is gathered from the Internet or is our personal opinion, and is likely incomplete and inaccurate. Please help us fix this by letting us know!


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