Adventure Awaits!

Callithump! has been our non-profit creative project for the past decade. Callithump! is where we first learned that we could forego traditional venues and still sell our creative products. Now we have embarked on a new venture: Adventure Awaits!

Adventure Awaits! is our (hopefully) for-profit venture. We’ve realized we’re happiest when we’re making things and when we’re working for ourselves. Our new mission is to be able to support ourselves through our own business making wonderful things.


A glimpse at a few of our many quality products!

Adventure Awaits! is equal parts steam punk and fairy tales, with big handfuls of magic thrown in. It’s accessories for your fantasy lifestyle. Why stop with a version of your life that’s just slightly better than your own when you can be a hero on a quest, or a princess in disguise?

Callithump! will continue for when we need to make art for art’s sake, but the majority of our energies are going toward Adventure Awaits! (and raising our daughter, of course!)

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