A Nice Little Boost

I know the feeling is far from rare, but sometimes when you’ve put a lot of energy into a project, it’s nice to get noticed. I am not doing it for the attention. Not much anyway. I’ve got much loftier goals. But still, it’s really nice to get acknowledged at least once-in-a-while.

I missed it in 2009 when Narelle Hanratty of Melbourne, Australia mentioned me in this entry on art vending machines. Still, it’s really nice to discover it now! I probably need the boost now more than I did in 2009, so the timing is good.

I also recently received an email from Susanne Greiner of Germany. She tipped me off to the fact that art vending machines have been operating in Germany since 1979/80. This is a really exciting discovery and has helped me further flesh out my history of art vending machines. Hopefully I can expand it even further once I get help translating the German text! Google translate only gets you so far.

So thanks for the boost, Narelle and Susanne!