Vending Activism #2: NOAH Egg Machine

NOAH egg machine

In the NOAH Egg Machine, free range chickens protest the cruel treatment of their incarcerated factory farmed sisters.

Just before Easter last year, an Egg Machine appeared in downtown Frankfurt. The Egg Machine featured live chickens in tiny cubicles and at first glance appeared to be selling freshly laid eggs. Actually, the chickens were from a local free-range farmer and were humanely treated. The Egg Machine was a project by NOAH, an animal rights group in Germany. Its purpose was to call attention to the inhumane treatment of chickens in certain types of egg farming. Instead of eggs, the machine dispensed tokens that showed how to identify eggs laid in humane conditions.

Overall, the project was a great success, receiving international attention and lots of press. I guess there’s just something about putting unexpected things in vending machines that captures the imagination!