Sunlight Floods the Room, Three are Drowned

Before meeting Matt Jasper in 1987, I thought that the only possibility for getting published was to go through established channels, submit work to publishers and hope that they recognize your talent. Matt Jasper introduced me to the concept of self-publishing. He self-published my all-time favorite book of poetry, Sunlight Floods the Room, Three are Drowned, with a level of quality that went so far above and beyond the photocopied and stapled zines that most people were doing that it inspired me to try it myself. This led to my first publication, Unbridled Lust!  and he was the first contributor.

Matt Jasper also introduced me to the idea of alternative venues. In these pre-Internet days, I’d assumed the only venues for publications were bookstores and mail order. Matt Jasper created work in many formats, including matchbooks and religious tracts. He’d leave them in bathroom stalls and in bars and any other place where people might happen upon them.

Of course when I decided to do a publication in a capsule vending machine, he’d be the first one I’d ask. I republished Sunlight Floods the Room… as a tiny envelope stuffed full of little sheets of paper, one poem to a sheet. The poems were packed in way too tight for such a small envelope, and upon opening you’d be greeted by a flood of poetry.