Improvised Disk Jockey Field Kit



The Improvised Disk Jockey Field Kit was distributed out of a repurposed newspaper vending machine. It was inspired by TM 31-210 Improvised Munitions Handbook, published by the Dept. of the Army in 1969. The handbook was intended to give a soldier trapped behind enemy lines the information they needed to keep fighting by building whatever weapons they needed with what was available. During wartime all aspects of “the enemy” are a threat, including their words and music. I envisioned an entire Improvised Musicians Handbook that would allow you to create and play music behind enemy lines. The Disk Jockey Field Kit contained a 78RPM record, a bolt one could use to fashion a turntable, a pin to turn into a record stylus, and a piece of card stock to create an amplifying cone. It was a record and record player in one convenient package.